In a Digital World, No Human should be Left Behind

To offer every daily wage earner a chance for a brighter future by delivering a steady and abundant supply of income opportunities and enhancing their participation in the digital economy.

Unleash unprecedented speed in your construction projects with our easy to use features.

At Bettamint, we turbocharge your construction sites to ensure your workforce isn’t just clocking in but is highly engaged, actively contributing and well incentivised, fueling your need for speed in construction.


Fueling our Innovation

Our invaluable partners play a significant role in enabling us to deliver solutions of the highest caliber that consistently drive impactful results for our clients. Each partnership amplifies our resolve to transform and streamline the building process, fostering an environment of innovation and excellence.

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Better Together

Partner with Bettamint and reach more customers more often through our digital ecosystem for informal workers. We welcome partnerships in targeted business sectors based on what we believe our customers need the most.

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    Improving healthcare delivery by allowing marginalised groups to receive quality care at a reduced cost.

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    Helping workers upgrade and upskill with online and offline academic formats from an array of industry relevant programs.

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    Giving disadvantaged beneficiaries better, quicker and easy access to credit.

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    Interfacing with the organised insurance sector to expand its benefits to unaddressed populations.

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    A digital consumer marketplace servicing the daily needs of daily wage earners.


We celebrate the possibilities of making the world a better place for all.

We leverage technology and the power of scale to bring the best products and services that are necessary and affordable for daily wage earners, while creating income and business opportunities for all our partners.

Social Equity

We enable fair access to opportunity, income stability and democratise information availability to the digitally disadvantaged.

Social Inclusion

We help workers create an authenticated professional and financial identity, promoting social cohesion and active citizenship.

Upward Mobility

We help improve worker skills, reach, employability and the opportunity to build a better future for themselves.


We equip daily wage workers with the tools and resources to move from a job mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset.

Financial Literacy

Our financial products allow workers to easily manage their day to day needs and participate in the digital economy.


We lay the foundational infrastructure unlocking new products and services that are necessary and affordable to daily wage workers.

Building a better future, for the people on
the frontlines building India


Maximizing income for construction workers

Creating a steady & abundance of income opportunities for millions of informal construction workers across India. We are helping workers build a verified record of their professional experience, while improving their skills and sharpening their understanding of finance.

Enhancing the professionalism of the construction industry

Encouraging construction workers to continuously advance their technical & practical skills, adopt industry best practices & standards to improve the overall quality, safety and efficiency of construction projects.


Bridging the digital divide

Building the data infrastructure necessary to unlock digital products & services that are necessary & affordable to daily wage earners.We envision a world in which all individuals & communities are able to fully participate in our society, democracy, and economy. 

Our low touch smart interfaces deliver the best workers that are nearest to your construction worksite in record time.


Our intuitive dashboards are designed to offer construction companies a real time view of their manpower operating environment across geographies.


Construction firms can hire, manage and pay their daily wage workers in a unified trusted digital ecosystem.


Unleashing the potential of people
building our cities

We are a team of entrepreneurs passionate about enabling the largest unorgainsed workforce in the world. Dedicated to the hands that build India, by hearts that drive it forward.


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