Construction tech startup Bettamint ties up with Prestige Group’s arm to manage informal workers

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Construction tech startup Bettamint has tied up with Prestige Group’s construction arm K2K Infrastructure and Brigade REAP to manage informal workers at the construction sites of projects.

The company, currently operational in Bangalore, is planning to expand to Mumbai, Pune and Delhi-NCR regions.

Over the next two years, Bettamint aims to invest a significant amount in three phases, initiating operations in several cities, starting with Bangalore in Karnataka, and gradually expanding its reach to cover the whole of South India before pan India expansion.

The platform comes equipped with recruitment, identity verification, onboarding features; supported by attendance, communication, field notes, compliance, payroll and payment capabilities.

“Bettamint leverages technology to address industry-wide challenges including labour shortages, low productivity, high attrition and unpredictable quality. We want to solve this problem in an inclusive way where we empower millions of informal construction workers by enhancing their skills, reach, employability, earnings and quality of life, transforming individual workers to highly engaged, actively contributing, well incentivised participants in the project,” said Kezya De Braganca, founder of Bettamint.

Bettamint offers builders an interface to digitise their workforce operations while also getting the benefits of increased productivity, improved quality, reduced attrition and enhanced project timelines.

"Our mission has always been to raise the bar for industry standards and to prioritise the wellbeing and skill development of our workers. Bettamint aligns with this vision. Its innovative solution not only streamline our operations but also empower our informal workforce with tools and opportunities previously out of reach,” said Noorul Ameen, CEO at K2K Infrastructure.

According to Bragança, the company only provides skilled workers and going forward will facilitate payment as well.

“Bettamint is solving the issue of worker attrition and management, a problem that has been plaguing the construction industry for years,” said Angie Mathaney, Chief Business Mentor, Brigade REAP.

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