reload Pioneering Digital Payments For Your Construction Workforce

Bettapay ensures reliability, convenience and speed in the distribution of payments
to a dynamic group of beneficiaries at your construction site.


Because, there’s a better way!

BettaPay’s open architecture design simplifies payments between construction firms and their independent contractors: handling a variety of payment types, from attendance-linked wage payments and time-bound rewards to meticulous bill settlements aligned with task completion. Experience the ease of streamlined payments with BettaPay – where precision and security meet the ultimate convenience.


of contractors pay their wage workers in cash for lack of access to beneficiary information.


of all attrition at construction sites was caused due to delayed payments to workers.


of contractors paid for more workers than were physically present and productive.


of contractors lose 1-2 hours a day on administrative tasks.


of all contractors want to pay for productivity over presence.


The BettaPay Advantage

Monitor measurements and debit notes effectively, coupled with an automated system for reconciling bill payments.


Reward critical tasks, boost project pace and improve retention.


Authorise instant payouts to a dynamic group of beneficiaries with streamlined authorization processes.


Run a dynamic payroll system that adjusts for time, advances, and rewards, aligning with worker performance and needs.


Bill swiftly and maintain a real-time view of project cash flows, enabling more effective financial management.


Access a wide range of payment methods, including netbanking, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and UPI, to suit various transactional needs.


We work where you work, so that you can work better!


BettaPay How it Works!

Every Bettamint user enjoys free access to BettaPay, our powerful payment engine inbuilt with bookkeeping capabilities. BettaPay is perfectly suited for businesses managing payments to large numbers of daily wage workers and independent contractors across multiple site locations, scopes and skillsets.

With BettaPay, just one payment instruction sets in motion a disbursement to all of your construction teams. Our state of the art infrastructure automates the consideration of key factors such as advances, measurements, quality, attendance, overtime including debit instructions, ensuring every payment is precise and fair.

STEP - 01


Authenticate pre-calculated wages or measurements through Bettamint’s dashboard.

STEP - 02

Payment Processing

Initiate your wage, bill or reward payments seamlessly through BettaPay.

STEP - 03

Payment Distribution

BettaPay efficiently distributes payments to your independent contractors.

BettaPay Rewards

Reward Construction Teams and Supercharge Productivity

Experience the power of an incentivised workforce with BettaPay - the tool that puts more money in your workers’ pockets while driving your business forward. Set short-term, time-bound goals connected to instantly paid out bonuses and watch as your project timelines accelerate. Fast track construction, supercharge productivity, and improve retention at your construction sites. With BettaPay, you create a win-win scenario that empowers your workforce and propels your projects to timely completion.


Our low touch smart interfaces deliver the best workers that are nearest to your construction worksite in record time.


Our intuitive dashboards are designed to offer construction companies a real time view of their manpower operating environment across geographies.


Construction firms can hire, manage and pay their daily wage workers in a unified trusted digital ecosystem.


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building our cities

We are a team of entrepreneurs passionate about enabling the largest unorgainsed workforce in the world. Dedicated to the hands that build India, by hearts that drive it forward.


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